Types of People During Diwali in India

Types of People During Diwali in India.

Today’s Diwali and there couldn’t be a better time to write about this bright festival. It is known for serenity, diyas, lights, sweets, happy moments, and firecrackers. Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India, nowadays the whole world celebrates it with us. Those who live far away return to their homes and they get a very welcoming treatment from their close ones. Today we’ve compiled 5 types of people you’ll notice in Diwali in almost every household in India. It begins with:-


Diwali India Sparkles- Fuljhadi
Image Source- Medium

Ah, these are the kind of people who are pretty much excited about everything before it actually happens. They seem to be bouncing around, running here and there. But as soon something starts their energy drains like anything. They are overly enthusiastic but yes they give the best vibes to be around with. Wish they could retain that spark for a longer duration of time!


Diwali Indian Sweets
Image Source-: Times of India

Loved by all & hated by none. These folks are the favorites of everyone in the house and you can’t wait to see them. They bless you with gifts on Diwali and man we love them for that! Usually, these are our grandparents, uncles & aunties, family friends, etc. They are so sweet & caring that we wish we could be adopted by them(Parents smirking in the background).


Diwali Beautiful Diyas
Image Source-: Authindia

The calm & composed, the people who fade out the darkness of your life and fill it with their positive light. You care for them, you hold them very gently, for you know any disturbance can shut the light they emit. We could say these people are your favorites because they are someone who you can talk to for endless hours and still don’t get tired. The calm & composure they bring with themselves is something we all need. 


Diwali Jhalars
Image Source-: Mapio

The most gorgeous personality in the house. They want to look the best and indeed they do look the best at any festival. Any problem with their attire and they’re going to be pissed off, they’ll not move out until the problem is fixed. These lovely individuals devote a lot of time to look the most attractive in the house and my dear friend, never ever forget to compliment them for how they’re looking. 


Diwali Crackers- Chakri
Image Source- Itl.cat

I’m not sure about every family in India but I can bet that 70% of family’s in India’s elders consume alcohol to celebrate. But there will be one particular person who is going to be out of his senses after drinking too much and then they decide to dance! What a sight it becomes, you’ll burst out laughing looking at their moves and they will continue to dance till they’re too tired to shake a leg. 

A Very Happy Diwali to all of you reading this from Magadh ‘E’ Awadh. May you always be our avid readers :P.

A little note for everyone reading this:-

Even though we are pretty darn excited about Diwali. There is one thing that we must not forget. Pollution! Yes pollution, I know a lot of you would have been demotivated to read it further. But here’s the thing for once keep your religious sentiments aside and think about nature once. Don’t compare yourself with others, if someone is not doing the right thing with nature, then that should not stop you from being a good human. Don’t burst crackers, on any sort of occasion New Year, Diwali, Parties, Carnivals, Marriages anything. We’ve already done a lot of damage to the earth as a species together. Let’s not worsen the conditions for us and for our upcoming generations.

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