SHEROES HANGOUT- A Cafe with a Cause.

Acid attack killed my outer beauty but not my inner beauty & strength.

Reshma Qureshi- Acid Attack Survivor

Motive behind Sheroes Hangout

Aim behind Sheroes Hangout
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India has seen more than 1500 acid attacks in a span of less than 5 years. Approximately 70% of women were subjected to acid attacks. 40% are being attacked in public places whereas 37% of them are attacked at their own homes! In fact majority of attacks that happen are because of unrequited love or domestic violence. The maniacs who carry out such horrendous acts become fugitives from justice. On the other hand, the victim gets scarred for life. People start treating them like outcasts, they make grimaces, getting ill- treated by society has become a part of their life. The victim gets blamed for the attack that “they must have provoked the attacker, that’s why he did that!”

History of Acid Attacks in India

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The first recorded acid attack case in India was in 1982. It’s been more than 35 years yet this ugly crime is still going on. Recently on Tuesday (4th August 2020), a group of men threw acid on a lady in Mathura, when she had gone to a nearby market. The victims of such attacks face the most brutal discriminations! They face rejections in marriage, losing their jobs & some of them have also experienced insults from their family & friends as well for a crime that they never did in the first place.

What’s Exclusive about Sheroes Hangout?

Sheroes Hangout Agra
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The story of SHEROES HANGOUT is not only incredibly inspiring and motivating but also very beautiful. It’s being run solely by the brave acid attack survivors of the country. From lip smacking food to the awe-worthy ambience everything is right on point. What makes this place stand out from others is the positivity & happiness that one can experience from the brave ACID ATTACK SURVIVORS.

Sheroes Hangout acid attack survivor
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The Sheroes Hangout was established in Agra, 2014. What earlier started as a Facebook campaign “StopAcidAttacks” in 2013. Further, it transformed into Chhanv Foundation, an NGO for Acid Attacks Survivors giving Legal, Medical & Educational assistance to all the victims. Sheroes Hangout served as a way for the survivors to earn their bread & butter. Now, the place offers you a library, a community radio hub, a boutique corner and of course you can do shopping! Moreover, the place also serves as a center where the enthusiastic workers of the cafe get to learn their favourite skills sets as well! Providing Rehabilitation to its workers has become the main motive of the Sheroes Hangout.

Breaking the Stereotype!

Acid Attack survivors at Sheroes Hangout
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The cafe has stated very clearly that the workers over here wear their scars like a medal. They are not shy, but rather they are proud of being strong enough & loving oneself. They’d greet you the same way a normal person does, they’ll talk to you the same way a normal person does. They’ll smile, dress, celebrate with you like a normal person does because THEY ARE NORMAL & THEY ARE ONE OF US!

Inspiring Campaigns for Acid Attack Survivors

The mind behind the SHEROES HANGOUT Chaanv Foundation has also started inspiring campaigns such as REACH OUT which is solely managed by the acid attack survivors in Noida, Agra & Lucknow. Furthermore, their aim is to create a database of acid attack survivors in the country and then THE DONATE A FACE campaigns bravely talks about how less is the compensation that they get from the government to carry out facial surgeries. It is around 3 lakhs, which is very less. For an impactful surgery, it costs much more than 3 Lakhs. The campaign started on various social media platforms wherein people updated their profile picture. Covering their face with a piece of paper, which has “” written over it. Urging them to spread awareness and gather funds for surgeries of our SHEROES.

Finally, THE SHEROES CALENDAR- changing the way of how we perceive beauty is yet another magnificent campaign. The brave hearts became calendar girls for an International Magazine “BELLO” which in Italiana stands for beautiful.

Each month portrayed each survivor, posing in the profession they wanted to be one day.

campaigns like Sheroes Hangout
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Sheroes Hangout Calendar
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A lot of Celebrities have visited the Sheroes Hangout including John Abhraham, Sanjay Dutt, Abhishek Bacchan, Swara Bhaskar, Sapna Bhavnani, Kalki Koechin,  Deepika Padukone, Zakir Khan etc. But why is this cafe not so much famous as the exquisite and lavish ones? This is the question that we need to ponder upon.

Sanjay Dutt visits Acid Attack Survivors Cafe

Sanjay Dutt

Image Source- Punjabigram

Zakir khan visits Acid attack survivors cafe

Zakir Khan

Image Source- Insider

John Abhraham Acid visits acid attack Survivors cafe

John Abraham

Image Source- TimesofIndia

Deepika Padukone visits Sheroes Hangout

Deepika Padukone

Image Source- India Tv

Abhishek Bacchan visits Sheroes Cafe

Abhishek Bacchan

Image Source- Desimartini

Kalki Koechin visits Acid Attacks Survivor Cafe

Kalki Koechin

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The stigma which is there in the mind of the society needs to be erased as it needs to be pulled out from the very roots of their mind. Yes, they’ve faced a brutal attack before but they’re still standing strong & tall. That’s why these lovely people are an inspiration for everyone out there. No matter what life throws at you, you should make sure you hit a six .

After hearing the inspiring story of SHEROES HANGOUT, how it got started, why was it started? The mission & vision of this exceptional Café, left us spellbound that beauty in today’s time is superficial, the reality though is opposite. One’s courage, will, determination & attitude is what makes up the person beautiful. We salute the courage of these bravehearts & wish them all the success in their life. Check out this video by scoopwhoop showcasing our sheroes, we’re quite sure you’d feel inspired from them.

A message for all of our readers!

We request each and everyone who is reading this post to kindly come forward & support our SHEROES by clicking on this link -> SupportOurSheroes

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