Our Roots- Bihar and Lucknow

Here comes the first post of our first blog . Magadh ‘E’ Awadh , where modern and traditional culture merge together as a whole . This post will feature the venture of ancient and modern architecture, literature, cuisine and art . One may get overwhelmed with those mind capturing sights which are still hidden behind some gentle ruins. You will be adoring Bihar and Lucknow after reading this blogpost for sure!

Presently, however , this post is based on something priceless, our roots which are magnificent yet hidden due to the mega cities like Delhi and Mumbai

In this post , we are going to share the glimpse of Bihar and Lucknow with a punch of poetry in it .


” Jahan sabke khinch laave 
maa ke pyaar, wahi toh hai apna Bihar”

Magadh ‘E’ Awadh

Places to visit and things to do :


In Maner , a small town with historic aroma , located to the west of Patna on NH 30. There are two dargah (mosque) commonly called as BARI DARGAH (the great shrine) and CHHOTI DARGAH (the small shrine). The best part about this ancient tomb is the carvings done by the fine medieval artists . There is a crown in the form of dome engraved with inscription from the holy book of Quran . The main attraction is the old bed of the River Sone just in front of the dargah.  It has a history of almost 500 years . In the early ages Maner was the centre of learning and it is believed that the Sanskrit grammarian Panini lived and studied from this holy place . Every detail salutes the architecture of Jahangir’s reign. The maze-like details attracts the mind of  artists and architects . While returning one can buy the very famous “Maner ke Laddoo” made up of pure ghee. You can use cab, bus or private vehicle to visit this historical and spiritual site . Bihar and Lucknow are famous for their rich history and food undoubtedly.


Presenting you the staple food of Bihar . Have you ever tried this delicacy ? Tell me in the comment section ! Made with whole wheat flour , stuffed with sattu (roasted gram flour) and dipped in pure ghee . It is generally enjoyed with bharta or chokha made up with tomatoes , coriander and eggplant . This is a famous traditional and mouth watering dish which you can find in every nook or corner in Bihar . It is too delicious to resist . Traditionally roasted on charcoal or tawa which give them a rustic flavour. In Patna , you can find the best LITTI CHOKHA near Maurya Lok market. On a random day , I visited “Chidiyaghar” at Bailey road and got to know that the famous actor Amir Khan came to have Bihari Rai’s LITTI CHOKHA  . I was amazed with this news and out of curiosity for the very first time I tried their delicacy and as expected i loved what they served me .But If you love LITTI then please try it with chicken gravy at D.K Litti corner near Boring road chauraha . I swear to god you will thank me later. 


A well known sight-seeing location in Rajgir . Since the shape of the lake is somewhere related to horse , it is known as Ghora Katora . It is a natural beauty , surrounded by hills and during early winters, people like to visit this serene space to take a moment of sigh relief from their rough life full of chaos . The best part about GHORA KATORA lake is that it attracts bird from Siberia and Central Asia during early winters . It is advised to visit the place in the morning hours . Horse carts (Taangas) and boating will make your trip more than just ideal . So, if you’re a morning person then this place is highly recommended for you.


A style of Indian painting , practised mostly in the mithila region (also known as Mithila Painting). They generally depict the epic historical and spiritual tales .This art is done through fingers , paint brush , ink-pen , matchsticks and many more to name. Earlier it was done on walls made up of mud but today it can be done on clothes as well . We were surprised to know that Mithila painting has been featured in New York Fashion Show. When we came across Mithila Painting , we both were spellbound after seeing such hardworking artists working day and night to revive the essence of such astonishing art from Bihar to all over the world and one can definitely imagine the efforts behind those hardboards . Each corner is filled with detail and intricate story tailing. MADHUBANI ART gives you a sneek peek into the vibrant culture of Bihar. Both Bihar and Lucknow have great artisans who can make every jaw drop with their splendid work.


” Yahan ki kahaaniyan yahan ki imaaratein bayan karti hai, iss shehar ko awadh kehte hain”

Magadh ‘E’ Awadh

Lucknow – the city of nawabas has always been known for it’s delicacies , the ancient monuments  , the attire and especially for the conduct of the people with so much humbleness  . With this post today I would like to throw some light upon important things one should never ever miss while being on a trip to Lucknow .

Places to visit and things to do : 


Upon your visit to Lucknow someday you might notice men and women wearing Kurtas and suits which are beautifully embroidered , one could notice the precision and neatness in them. The embroidery leaves behind reminiscence of the nawabs that once ruled the city. This is called “ CHIKANKARI”

Chikankari stands for  “embroidery”

This textile business of chikankari has become so famous that people from all over the world have started to wear them both casually and as well as on a festive season . The chikankari is carried out precisely with hands and thus is a very difficult job , this is why you could make up for the high price of these embroidered clothes .  Are Looking forward to buy some kurtas and suits in Lucknow ? Visit Chowk , a part of the old Lucknow wherein you’ll see the variety of these clothes .


rumi darwaza- Magadh‘E’ Awadh
IMAGE COURTESY – : Magadh ‘E’ Awadh

Lucknow is incomplete without one imagining this monument in their head . All over the internet whenever you’ll type lucknow , there are cent percent chances that you will come across the pic of this huge gateway . This mughal architecture will always leave you in a state of awe .  Rumi Darwaza symbolizes the beauty of the city of Nawabs – Lucknow. This huge gateway is situated between Bara Imaambara and Chota Imaambara , another majestic monuments made by the Nawabs  on  the Hussainabad Road . The height of mesmerizing Rumi Darwaza is 60 feets. It was made under then ruler Nawab Asafa-Ud-daula. It marks the entrance into old Lucknow .  It has become a hub for vloggers, photographers , families , lovers because of it’s beauty and guess what it looks even more beautiful at night !


Sharma ji Ki chai- Lucknow- Magadh‘e’Awadh- Bihar and Lucknow
IMAGE COURTESY-: Magadh ‘E’ Awadh


We bet you that you’ll never find any delicacies which can compete the taste of Lucknow  . From a simple tea to the delightful biryani lucknow serves you well. Sharma Ji Ki Chai Located in Hazratganj , Lucknow is a focal point for all the chai lovers out there . Some of the softest Bun-Maskas and mouth watering samosas alongwith a perfect tea is why this place is on the list of every Lakhnavi ever. From celebrities to rickshawalas , everyone gathers over here . There is always a hustle and bustle around Sharma ji ki chai be it day or night .


We always have someone from Lucknow and we always tell them to bring kebabs .The best place to get them is at Dastarkhawn! The ambience is quite comfortable to sit around . Order Shami or Galouti kebabs to treat your tastebuds and make your tummy happy .  Shami kebabs are made up of beef or lamb meat and a hell lot of great spices . It is so tender and juicy that it’ll make your mouth water immediately . Galaouti kebabs are made up of minced mutton or chicken meat and again with great spices and yes they’ll make you crave for them once you eat them because they are so tasty!


Lucknow is incomplete without this one restaurant “TUNDAY KABABI” . The shop is nine decades old yes you read that right NINE DECADES OLD . Established in 1905 in chowk area . This place is always crowded because it serves the best non vegetarian food in lucknow . Celebrities Like Arshad Warsi , Farhan Akhtar , Govinda , Parineeti chopra , Rajesh Khanna,Rishi kapoor , Sanjeev kapoor , Aditya Roy  Kapoor , Priyanka Gandhi , Ranveer kapoor and many others have visited and tasted  the famous TUNDAY KABABI . It must be on one’s to do list while going to lucknow !


After main course , you would like to have some sweet dish , wouldn’t you , that’s why Lucknow has Prakash Kulfi . Established in 1956 till now this one has been successful in giving the best kulfi and faloodas in the country . This place again becomes a bit crowded because of so much demand . But it’s worth waiting for !



This post was inspired with our recent visit to Bihar and Lucknow, so we got a bit nostalgic and felt what could be better than remembering our roots . During this quarantine period , we made the best out of our time by taking you to our places . We hope that our content brought a smile on our face . HAPPY READING 🙂



We hope you all are taking care of yourself and the people around you. The entire country is fighting a battle : CORONAVIRUS. So, we advise you all to follow the guidelines provided by the health department to stop covid-19 from transmitting. We really hope this lockdown ends as soon as possible till then please remain indoors and practice social distancing . In this quarantine period , being stuck at home can be a bit stressful but if you ask me , one can learn a lot if he/she wants to. Up till then this duo from Bihar and Lucknow is going to keep you entertained with their content. Also few tips for our readers.


1. Get back to your hobby 

2. Catch up with your friends

3. Start writing your everyday thoughts 

4. Move your body a little (Dance , exercise , yoga whatever suits you).

5. Pamper yourself 

Stay inside , Stay safe <3

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