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About Us

For a therapeutic experience, Somya and Rishabh are here for you as Magadh ‘E’ Awadh. We’re the voice behind this mind captivating blog. To break the ice, We would like to tell you the reason behind such a traditional name. This classic names reminds us of our native places i.e. Lucknow and Bihar. This blog will feature the venture of two dramatic individuals who are always at the helm of affairs be it literature, culture, tradition, cuisine or place with a punch of poetry. We both are eagerly waiting to start the journey of blogging and this is our promise to you all that we’re going to be a happy closely knit family soon.

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Hi there,

My name is Somya, I’m just like any other girl who loves to enjoy her very own company and wants to describe the beautiful surrounding in an imaginative way. My thoughts may go haywire but that’s what gives rise to my creativity. My write up shows my perception towards the beauty of life.


A 21-year old guy hailing from the city of NAWABS ‘LUCKNOW’. Brought up in the family of armed forces. I paved my path to the corporate world because of my keen interest in digital marketing. This website is the first step towards that and with continuous efforts and team work, I’m sure we’ll make something big

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