Wherever we go, we always tend to come with souvenirs and memories and lessons. Villages and fields have always been my escape. After so many months of monotonous lifestyle I found a getaway this week. Just a small visit to my village has given me so many indelible memories and touched my heart in many ways which I want to share with all of my readers. So I thought to share my bullet notes to you, folks. Hope you find some relief in my words.


There are so many people I find almost all of them who do not really lead quality lifestyle. As a kid I’d think they are all sad because they cannot live a life they want to. But when I grew up and happened to look closely, they all find their happiness and they don’t need money or a luxurious lifestyle for it. You might think I am talking about finding happiness in little things. But no, this is about the happiness they have in them. And it is exquisite. Next time if you stumble upon someone who is happy in how little they have the luxurious of life you’ll see no bounds of joys they have and it will move you.


Tales which allure anyone's mind.

I don’t know if I’ll ever convince you to believe in the fact that how beautiful it feels to be connected with your roots. When you come to know stories behind rituals, regional tales behind festivals and reasons behind customs and traditions. There’s this sudden flash of pride that puts light on the richness these small pieces of land contain.


Artisans from village are real gem.

In my village, there is a community, people of which weave cots for the village. One 80 year old man is the master of this ‘art’. He tells stories while weaving and in the end he is always so proud of his work, it is a visual treat to see him saying “बिनते तो बहुत हैं, पर हमारे जैसे अब कौन बिनेगा”. And there are so many people like him who are worried that their art, style and legacy will end with them. It is sad. Because the next generation usually do not take pride in doing these. But I wish all of us learn to be as proud as him in whatever we do.


Village life is a blessing.

Away from the world of get-together, parties and luncheons, there is a world in villages which considers socialization a duty and a need. At my village, they teach their children the importance of building a good social circle around them and respect every member in it. They say, many arguments can be sorted out if you would just sit down and talk. They feel the obligation to maintain relationships and keep them running, because they know what will help in the long term. It is infused in them and it is heart warming to witness.

Apart from leading a healthy and disciplined lifestyle, people in village lack vision and direction. Even if they think something out of the crowd (which is absolutely rare), they are hurdled by financial responsibilities and then it is carried on by generations. It surely is changing with time. But there is still a huge ditch to leap to the other side.

Thank you for reading.

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