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When I was like 4 years old, despite of my mother’s warning to not touch her essentials, I used to play with them. I remember, once I ate one of her favorite orange-colored lipstick. Like any other child, I was very close to my mom and always wanted to be like her. With curious eyes and inquisitive mind, I used to watch her with amazement while she got ready for any special occasion. How she’s applying and matching her BINDI with the outfit, how she’s draping her Saree or stepping into her heels before wearing a Saree. All of these were just small tricks to look fabulous with minimal fashion. My mother’s wardrobe has never been fancy and stuff but her sense of style has always been remarkable. She kept certain things very obvious.

  • To look classy, one has to feel classy.
  • Minimal will always be in style.
  • Always accessorize yourself.


She’ll never consider herself as fashionable or modish but her minimal classics has greatly influenced my sense of style. And because of her, my fashion voyage was set in motion. While playing around with lipstick and handbags from my mother’s cupboard, spending hours in digging out her closet and exploring the fashion relics gave me different level of amusement. Whole childhood spent thinking when will I be able to hijack my mother’s wardrobe.

Growing up I was that one friend to my mom, who is all about borrowing stuff and never returning them. From my cultural festivals to my farewell, my mom was my savior. To be honest, even now I crave for her hand-loom and silk Saree collection. They look unearthed and unsullied to me. I genuinely want to root out 90s trends and with little makeover I would love to merge them with current fashion scenario. Some fashion trends are so nostalgic that you can pick it up from where you left. So on that note let me present to you the ultimate guide!

From Saree to jewel – I have compiled a list of 4 things to pick from your mother’s wardrobe.


Saree from my mother's wardrobe
Got this beauty from my mother’s wardrobe

You know it’s a bliss when your mother has a huge Saree collection and a blessing when she allows you to wear them. From wearing our mother’s dupatta, to wearing her Saree, we all grew up! Isn’t it? Those Sarees which you borrow from your mum are so locked in memories. You can actually relive those moments. Such nostalgic moments gives us a flash from the past and it’s just incomparable. There’s a profound joy in being able to mix and match blouses and Sarees. Don’t you think?

I don’t know about y’all but for me my mum’s elegant Sarees are like life saviour, always there for my rescue. During this year’s Durga Puja, I literally had like nothing to wear, all credit goes to lockdown :/. But luckily I found a pure beauty from my mother’s wardrobe. It’s a light-weighted Saree with feather like texture. I chose to wear it with simple gold Bali, bangles and completed the look with hot red lipstick. You may not believe it but my mother bought this 20 years back from Singapore.


Vintage blouse from my mother's wardrobe
From my mother’s wardrobe

Retro theme is all about quarter sleeves, polka dot, puff sleeves, flower patterns to ruffled hem on the neck of the blouses. A major fashion staple, for the 21st century fashion-forward people. You just need to learn the mix and match game accurately. With quirky and peculiar designs ruling the fashion scenario, it is time for you to add something off the wall but classy.

Since we are about to enter the wedding season, the legendary six yards of grace will be on the top of our what to wear list. So to stand out of the crowd, let’s bring the retro blouse trend back in the game. This vintage blouse style has been found already in the air. Many celebrities are embracing the Return of Retro by wearing them. I am totally excited to try on this absolutely amazing trend. What about you ladies?


Comes with a history, from my mother's wardrobe
Right from my mother’s wardrobe
From my mother's wardrobe
These type of earrings are best for daily use.
Antique ring from my mother's wardrobe
My mom got this from her grandmother.
pearl ring from my mother's wardrobe
A pearl ring which goes with almost any outfit

It’s time to face the heat of the truth. Our jewellery collection will never, ever, be as admirable as our mother’s. They are just so awe-inspiring. I always liked jewelleries that come with a history. It is yet another necessary item in the list to elevate your beauty. The modest design dripping all over with a vintage finesse will give an elegant touch to your style. So the next time you want to step out for any occasion, don’t forget to borrow your mum’s jewellery to steal the show. Team them with ethnic wear or any dress to achieve that perfect look.


Sling bag from my mother's wardrobe
Sling bag from my mother’s wardrobe
Purse from my mother's wardrobe
From my mother’s wardrobe

My most favourite steal from my mother’s wardrobe would be her old leather sling bag. It looks so young and gorgeous. I guess it’s ageless. This bag was actually a gift for my mom. She got it when she passed her 10th boards. This is one thing you must borrow from your mom. Trust me, everyone’s going to want to know where you bought it from as it will make you look different from the crowd. Carrying them is often like carrying an attention magnet. No matter your age or your style, there’s this vintage bag waiting to complete your outfit and enhance your vintage collection. I always adored my mother’s stuff but I never found anything quite like it tho!

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