10 things we miss from the 90's

10 Things We Miss from the 90’s

Have you ever looked around yourself and thought about how the world has changed so rapidly in just few years? You see people hustling day & night to make their lives better. Being social today means your presence on social media. I don’t see kids today getting out of their homes and going to the nearest park early in the morning to have a nice game of cricket. I see them getting up early but I rather see them playing mobile & computer games. Remember the time when technology didn’t took over us, how we used to wait for that one street vendor to open his shop so that we can buy that lip smacking food he used to serve. Let me take you today a road down the memory lane so that you can cherish your memories about the 90’s.

1.Doordarshan- The Unmatched Channel From 90’s.

Doordarshan Logo 90's
Image Source-: wikimediacommons

Yes you read that right! Doordarshan. This is something every 90’s kid can relate to. We didn’t had Netflix, prime subscriptions. We had a single channel and let me tell you it was pretty darn good. They had daily soaps, cartoons, everything in one place. We used to wait for our favorite cartoon/shows & god we hated it if someone made us work at that point of time. I know you’re trying to recall your Shaktimaan days and oh yes did you also watched Junior-G, I did that for sure! Also we had some real struggle trying to fix the TV Antennas which were usually placed in balconies or terraces to get the optimum signal.

2.Contra- The Ideal game of 90’s kids

Contra Game from 90's
Image Source-: nesguide

Now I can say this for sure almost each and every 90’s kid around the corner has played this one on their TV video game set. Equipping different guns which were pretty awesome, parkouring in 2D and killing off the enemies. Also, the villain at the end of every stage was really cool. I can recall coming back from my school as fast as I could so that I could this game. We used to exchange cassettes with our friends to play the new games. Those were the good days, games with no toxicity & abusive languages, we could play them for hours. But yes that never actually happened because you know- Parents. The adapter of the gaming set always use to burn down in my case.

3.Maha Lacto- The Supreme King of Candies

Maha Lacto toffee from 90's
Image Source- Myyshopp.com

Back when chocolate hampers didn’t dominate the market. When your favorite sweet could be bought for as less as a rupee. Maha Lacto was a candy which always used to be my favorite. Birthdays were almost incomplete without having a packet of Maha Lacto. The best part about this candy was the size of it and obviously the crunchy and yummy flavor we got back when we were kids. Good old days when you didn’t had to worry about you being a sweet tooth.

4.Melodies of the 90’s

Singers from the 90's

One thing you cannot deny is the originality of the 90’s songs we used to listen to. It was pure bliss, no remixes, just insert the cassette into your FM player and enjoy the melodious voice of the best singers. Also I really miss the kind of pop songs we used to have back then. Singers like Lucky Ali, Alka Yagnik, Kumar Sanu, Sonu Nigam, Shaan, KK were considered the rulers of the music industry. A world with no publicity stunts, fake followers, just pure talent.

5.Chacha Chaudhary- An All Time Favourite

Comicbook from the 90's
Image Source-: IndiaMART

We didn’t had access to Marvel or DC comics at that point of time. But we always made sure to read the legendary Chacha Chaudhary. My favorite was Saboo, I liked his physique, though he was not as smart as Chacha Chaudhary. But he was the best partner one can have. I can recall when we used to travel by train, there was always a bookstore on the platform of the railway station. Mom & Dad used to buy newspapers & magazines while I always went ahead with Chacha Chaudhary.

6.Air India- A Dream For All 90’s Kids

Air India 90's Logo
Image Source-: IBGNEWS

During those days not everyone could afford themselves a flight. Air India used to dominate the aviation market at that time. Whenever we saw a plane flying over us, we used to wave at them. Thinking they’d wave back. Oh, how innocent we were. But that’s what Sunny Deol did in Border, didn’t he? My this dream of boarding a flight got fulfilled few years back when I was travelling to Bengaluru from Lucknow. Every kid can accept the fact they always wanted to board a flight back when they were kids.


Colgate India Logo from the 90's
Image Source-: Pinterest India

A clever technique which was adopted by Colgate in the 90’s was that Indians were more found of “Manjan” or “Dentifrice”. Seeing this they developed Colgate Tooth Powder and it was a huge success back then. Also we used to have dental checkups in school by Colgate. We got free Colgate toothpaste & powders. Almost once in a while each and every 90’s kid has eaten that, the taste felt really nice to me though.

8.Pilot Pens

Luxor India pen from the 90's
Image Source-: Luxor India

Pilot Pens used to have that thin nip, a sold plastic body. A classic pen that the 90’s people used to carry around. Back in the school days having a Pilot pen with you was really impressive. The ink cartridge sometimes overflowed because of improper handling of the pen and we used mess up our clothes and hands. Then obviously we used to get scolded by our parents for ruining our clothes. It’s a ritual in childhood, believe me. Mess up your clothes and your getting a tight scolding from your parents for sure.

9.Parle G- The Chief of All Biscuits.

Parle-G biscuit from the 90's
Image Source- The Deccan Chronicle

This one has always been undefeated! Give the 90’s folks a choice between Oreo, Jim Jam and Parle-G. Parle- G is always going to be their first choice. A yellow and white wrapper with a brown girl, showing her fingers which probably represent that she had just finished eating the biscuits. These were rectangular Glucose biscuits which have been consumed by everyone while they were growing up. The best part they tasted really great with Tea or Milk. As kids our parents used to give a glass of milk with Parle-G and we used to become full. So much nourishment you see.

10.Landline Telephones

Old 90's landline telephone
Image Source-: PNGHUT

The 90’s folks didn’t had mobile or smart-phones at that point of time. The only communication we could do was from these the LANDLINE PHONES. They were pretty big, also the receiver’s were bigger than our hands. It started off from a round dial, wherein you could dial the other landline number by rotating the dial, that looked pretty dashing to me. When we wanted to ignore or block someone the only way was to remove the receiver from the main set and that’s it! Slowly those round dial telephone landlines transformed into LCD display landlines, you could redial a number with a button. Evolution took it’s course and today we have foldable 5G smartphones.

So much to remember yet so much to miss, we know we can’t get back these things from the 90’s, the excitement, joy of small things that made us happy. We’ve came a long way and I guess in the upcoming years it is for sure that things are going to change even more. Until then whenever it feels right I’ll make sure that I take you down the memory lane again some time. Stay tuned & have a great day 🙂

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