India’s a country bustling with life. Every nook , every spot has mind boggling essence of beauty which can’t be ignored. From the pacifying sound of Mandir to the Dargah’s tranquil Qawali wherever you go you will feel the serene scenic magic of India.
As they say , when it’s the creator’s wish, things have magic and not logic. India has the same with few of the miracles and myths which are beyond the boundaries of explanation.
So with that let’s read about the 1o surprising facts about India.

So now, without any further ado, let’s get started with “10 Surprising Facts About India”

Kashmir – A Bitter Dispute

Heaven of Earth , the place which would leave anyone spellbound through it’s resplendent lakes and valleys. Today, Kashmir has become a trouble spot as more than two countries are disputing for this heavenly land. Most of us know that Pakistan has occupied a part of Kashmir since decades but
astutely through a road in Ladakh , China during 1962 had also illegally able to gain control of the Aksai Chin region . So this awe inspiring land is actually under a dispute from 3 countries.

Kumbh Mela – The Mystic Affair

The Kumbh Mela , an Indian pilgrimage widely recognised as “the most humongous human
congregation” on earth. It has been one of the most massive religious gatherings in the history. So much so that it was visible from the space. Last year on January 17, 2019 , ISRO released two images of Kumbh Mela festival, captured by CartoSat -2.

The images clearly show the sangam – the confluence on three rivers – the Ganga, the Yamuna and the mythical Rigvedic Sarasvati river. It was the 2nd time that the space agency had released images from the satellite.

Hockey is not India’s national game!

Okay, so are you surprised or shocked ?
Well, it’s a common misconception among most of the Indians. As a matter of fact, India doesn’t
recognize any particular sport as their “National Game“.
This revelation came out by a 12 – year- old, inquisitive girl from Lucknow, named as Aishwarya
Parashar . She filed an RTI query to the Prime Minster Office (PMO) and as an reply to the request , the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports made it clear in writing by stating that the ministry hasn’t notified any sport or game to be the national game.
It may dampen the spirit of many sports buffs of our country but India is such a vast and diversified
country and one shouldn’t attribute a single game as our national game.

“Hindu”- A Persian Origin

The term “Hindu” isn’t native to India , but of foreign origin. Intially used by Persians to refer to those
who were on the other side of river Indus or Sindhu. The word “Hindu” is neither a Sanskrit word nor is
it found in any Ancient Vedic Scriptures. It is said that Persians couldn’t pronounce the letter “S” smoothly which was then mispronounced as “H” and that eventually
led “Sindhu” to “Hindu“.

I Believe I Can Float

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India currently holds the record for having the largest postal network in the world. The Floating Post Office which is located in Dal Lake, Sringar. The post office was set up with the main objective of
connecting people with the postal services. It is made on top of a Shikara boat which is the main
highlight of the Dal Lake. A FLOATING POST OFFICE like this can nowhere be found apart from the heaven i.e Kashmir.

The Submerging Temple

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The only shoreline shrine of Lord Shiva in the whole world which disappears to reappear every single day. It is situated in Kavi Kamboi , Gujarat . At this incredible and heart throbbing 150 year old holistic place, people witness positive energy encrusting their mind and soul.
As they say , Stambeshwar Mahadev Temple is the only place where Lord Shiva plays hide and seek with their devotees. An astonishing fact about this water-surfaced Shiv Temple gets is that it gets fully
submerged into the sea during the hour of high tide and again reappears when the tides are low.
Recommendation : One must visit this majestic place, away from hustle bustle of big cities just to feel the pure energy.

Bridges From The Roots

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Found in the southern part of Meghalaya, these awe worthy aerial bridges are hand-made with the
roots of the Indian Rubber Tree. Yes you read that right “Handmade from the roots of trees”! These magnificent bridges are an eminent spot for tourists all around the globe . Seeing the strength and the eco friendly prospects, architectures around the world are planning to integrate them in the modern architecture. This will definitely lead people to make use of natural resources not by depleting them but moulding them effectively to sustain them as well.

Meet The Mystery

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Mount Kailash is one of the peaks found in the Kailash Range of the Himalayas which are spread across TIBET and INDIA. Located near the Mansarovar lake at a flabbergasting height of 21,778 ft. , the place is believed to be the holy abode of LORD SHIVA and LORD BUDDHA , this is the place where RISHABH propagator of the religion JAINISM attained enlightenment. Up till now only one monk named, Milarepa has been successful in scaling the peak because it is believed that the peak keeps on changing its position and blocking the tracks, thus leaving the trekkers and climbers bewildered.

The King Of Con

Taj Mahal , Red Fort , Rashtrapati Bhawan all were sold more than once by a con named as Mr.Natwarlal . Able to forge the signatures of our President and Prime Minister! This swindler had been successful in making a fool out of big industrialists like TATA, BIRLA and AMBANIS. Used to have various aliases. His whereabouts are still unknown but his brother claims to have cremated him a long time ago in Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Healthcare On Locomotive

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Imagine transmogrifying a train to a full blown hospital with proper functionality and equipping it with the state of art infrastructure . India was triumphant in making this dream turn into a reality by launching “JEEVAN REKHA EXPRESS”. The train was outset on 1991 and has been serving the motherland
since then . The “LIFELINE EXPRESS” was a combined initiative of the Government of India and the Health
Ministry. It was set up with the objective of catering the need of good health care facilities in
rural areas which are inaccessible and have no medical services available.

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