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quarantine menu

Amidst COVID-19 outbreaks, MAGADH ‘E’ AWADH encourages you to stay indoors with your family. Due to social distancing , many of us are going stir crazy . To reduce your tension and anxiety we’re with “THE QUARANTINE MENU”.

Instead of long to do list , we ask you to explore your surrounding . To help you during this lockdown journey we’ve put together something you should definitely consider in this current scenario. 


Peotry on qurantine


A place where the chatter begins,a place where we get together with our family, where we rejoice the goodness of  food as well as togetherness. Usually everyone today undergoes a lot of hustle and bustle and in this race we forget the emotional bonding with our dear ones. The family dining table becomes the locus of discussion of stories, nostalgia and of course politics!

This lovely spot also allows us to play board games on top of it  with our siblings as well.When was the last time you actually got the chance to sit, talk and gossip with your family members while having your favorite meal . But now you do! So this spot , this particular spot… is  all about food , fun , chatter and love.

Quarantine Family time
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Yes the quarantine is a bit tough but do you remember the old saying “ UMEED PE DUNIYA KAAYAM HAI “ and yep that’s true . We all know we’ll get over this soon but if you really want to get some positive vibes just visit your balcony during the time of dusk ,  and notice people coming on their balconies/terraces and see how are they playing with their little children .

Notice the guy who’s playing with his dog, notice the uncle playing cricket with his tiny tots and understand if you have your family beside you , perhaps no problem is big enough to make you sad . So let’s enjoy the time we’ve got and stay positive .

Quarantine Love from Balcony
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As quoted by the legend in English Literature Sir  WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE “ It is the stars above us , stars govern are conditions “Remember when in childhood when the lights used to go out at night  and you used to go up  the terrace and the balconies to lay under the beautiful  and mesmerizing sky. A sky which used to be full of stars .  Sometimes a cherry on the cake would be the air that would whizz pass you making you feel even more better . 

Quarantine Me Time
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From a very long time we’ve missed this because of the deteriorating condition of the earth’s atmosphere which has been ruined by all the emissions coming out of factories, vehicles, burning of grasslands and many more . But since no one is out there during this long quarantine. Today when you visit the sky at night you’ll notice the beautiful sky ! A sky full of stars , the stars which were hidden beneath the cruelty of humans . We are solely responsible for the beauty of the earth. This quarantine period has taught us well that  if we don’t care for our environment , then everything will soon perish. So embrace the change and learn the lesson .


Clouds are swimming in the ocean of sky . Nowadays, there is no sound of cars or motor honks coming from the outside world. It feels amazing to hear the tranquil chirping of the bird flying in the sky as if they’ve found their happy place. Our cities have again started wearing the serene calm blessed with melodious chirps. When was the last we watched sun going down with that calming effect of wind blowing and leaving our mind mesmerized . From today onwards start enjoying the evening time with your fam – jam . Sit with your lovely one’s , watch the yellowish sunset , and just crack nostalgia . 


Quarantine time sky loaded with birds.
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We as humans have segregated ourselves on the basis of race, caste , religion etc . We have our own beliefs and thought process. But this lockdown has taught us that no matter which religion you come from or what skin colour you wear  IT DOES NOT MATTER AT ALL. We all have caged us inside our homes because we know that everything apart HUMANITY COMES FIRST .  We should fight the pandemic together , we’d have to let go of  the differences that are between us only then we’d triumph.

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A great example of this set up by our fellow countrymen when the PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA  NARENDRA MODI  urged the people of INDIA  on 23rd march and 5th April to come together and thank the nurses , doctors , policemen , army men , municipality workers and all those who were serving us in this tough time  by clapping and lighting diyas , oh what a sight it was to behold ! This proved the words of great BOB MARLEY “One love , One heart…Let’s get together and feel alright  .The power of unity was not just seen in INDIA but also in SPAIN ,BRAZIL and also the worst hit countries  of all EUROPE where people were coming out of their windows and balconies and  were singing and dancing to show the power of positivity .


Hearing the word “QUARANTINE” gives us some kind of goosebumps . We start getting the terrific thoughts of living in the isolation bubble . But perhaps , you all should be think of the opportunities one can grasp from this slower lifestyle. Sitting in front of your T.Vs, binge watching web-series won’t help you while changing the history . 

Feathers one should definitely add to their cap :-
1. Learn a new language – It can be a plus point for your career .  Duolingo is an easy- to- use and free app that daily lessons to learn 35 languages.

Visit Duolingo – https://www.duolingo.com/ 

2. Learn a new online course – we always procrastinate on learning online courses but if you’re full set to use this break to the optimum level , then you should definitely tap on the given links!

Learn over here guys –https://www.coursera.org/

3.Start with blog or journal – Create a space for your words . Publish your everyday thoughts . If you’re among those who loves to converse thoughts into words and pain into poem . Then blogging can improvise your skills to a next level.

4. Revive your lost skills – Start with long lost skills because this period won’t be coming again so utilize the most from it. It will keep you busy from wasting your time in sleeping and binge watching. Let creativity do it’s magic . 

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Nowadays , we often feel like sulking inside our own home sweet home. Every passing day with this new Covid -19, try to slow down the speed of your life.

In this period of quarantine , experiment with your regular routine. Add something innovative in your journal of lockdown days . For that, go to your kitchen and  light up your culinary skills. Start preparing easy to go snacks together with your family. Cooking can be a good way to express love and care towards yourself and your family . It’s the only time to transform your cooking skills absolutely Instagram-worthy . Master the art of following trends – start with Dalgona coffee challenge from TIK-TOK today. 

Yessssssssssss Quarantine
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We hope this blog post will keep you connected with your family and distracted from the boredom.

It is rare to find opportunities like this where we get time “me time” so enjoy before it’s gone. 

Comment down your quarantine memories in not more than 30 words !!!


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